Watch_Dogs Review

Lets start off with a bit of background. Watch Dogs is a game that was developed by Ubisoft and was released in 2014. This game is a feature in many lists on how E3 lies to people but to be honest it delivers in every aspect of the E3 demo. I have played the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC variants of the game and i cant fault it. For a game that came out in 2014 the graphics (even if some say they are crap) still hold up to this day.

There are two main things that help hold this games player base up.

  1. Story / Multiplayer Content
  2. Modding

Story / Multiplayer Content
This game has an amazing amount of story, that would take you about 20 hours non-stop to complete. But what makes it better is that it has replay value. The amount of side missions that this game has is astonishing. The in-game collectables are astonishing whit their being a achievement for getting the 100 in-game hot-spots which make you travel around Chicago. Ubisoft even added more story to the game with the £10 DLC, Bad Blood. Which allows for you to see Chicago through the eyes of… Raymond Kenny.

Their has always been mods for this game the whole time, and to be honest its allot simpler than installing GTA V mods. Recently, someone has made the “Living City Mod” which adds a whole load more content to the game. Such as:

  • More safe houses
  • Allowing you to go inside places like Aiden’s sisters home.
  • The abiltiy to call a black market dealer that sells you illegal weapons.
  • The call the cops hack
  • Up to 3 bodyguards
  • Random Events
  • Restricted Areas
  • New Civilian Hacks
  • Fixer Ambush
  • Replace Scan - which gets rid of the yellow rings and makes cops go to the area.
    And ctOS Chaos which:

Allows the Chicago Police Force to use some ctOS hacks like bollards and bridges against you as an extreme measure on the highest difficulty chases.

So should you buy it?
YES!! This game is over 6 years old but still holds up today.

And if you want more content buy the Bad Blood DLC: