Watch Dogs 2 Review

Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs 2 is a very fun game and I think more people should test this game out. You can customize your drones cars and much more. You are a part of the DeadSec and your job is to take down Blume.

So what I have to say is that it can take some time to earn your skill points but you can easily get them if you drive around the map and unlock the locations where you can get them. Some of the skill points locations can be challenging and some of them can be very easy. Some times you need to kill a whole gang of people and some times you just need to fly your drone and hack some hardware. But that always makes It a bit different.

The story tho is very good and it takes some time to go thru it so you get a lot for your money on the story front. And you have hours of story tho witch is the good part of the game.

Should you get it?


So are we gonna start doing reviews. lol. :grinning: