Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions

This review will contain some spoilers so be warned.

Watch Dogs 2 on its own is a fabulous game and it will lasta around about 20 to 30 hours of story line game time, and its obvious that the people at Ubisoft knew this. Human Conditions is one of the best DLCs for the game and it does bring back one amazing character… Jordi.

If you haven’t played Watch_Dogs then you may not know who Jordi is. He’s a the assasin version of Aiden Pierce. Him and Aiden both have the same mind set but when explaining things Aiden is to the point, whereas Jordi likes to tell a story.

The above mentioned Jordi is found in one of three “main missions” with this DLC. Of which are:
Bad Medicine
Here’s the plot details as mentioned from the WD wiki:

DedSec finds out that a ransomware attack has left hospitals without patient records, meaning that patients cannot be treated until all details are confirmed. Marcus finds out that the Bratva were the ones to send the ransomware, and follows one of their members, unaware that he is being watched by none other than Jordi Chin, with his famous line, ‘You’re not the pizza guy’. Marcus finds the Bratva member dead already, and accesses his phone before being confronted by Jordi. Jordi demands the location of the Bratva hideout, but Marcus gives him a false location while he heads back to the Hackerspace. After returning, he finds that Jordi has followed him, and goes upstairs to confront him.
Jordi obtains the real location by threatening innocents, but Marcus convinces Jordi to take him along. He then forces Marcus into an SUV, and they drive to a construction site where the Bratva are hiding out. Marcus accesses the Bratva‘s hacker data while Jordi provides sniper cover, but Jordi leaves Marcus for the cops in order to escape. The two run into each other again while infiltrating the Bratva leader’s yacht, agreeing to leave each other to their business. Marcus figures out how to shut down the Bratva ransomware, while Jordi fights his way through the yacht, eventually finding and killing the Bratva leader. As the two escape, Jordi mentions that he’s pinned his murders on Marcus, with Marcus remarking to his crew that he hopes never to cross paths with Jordi again.

My Opinion
Personaly I like this mission as it not only brings back a beloved character but that it also portrays something that has been shown to happen in real life i.e the WannaCry ransomware that attack the NHS.
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