Project E Disscussuion

Should Project E be removed.

I don’t think so. PE is good if you use it in a way that is not abuse. I think that you should try your best to not use it but if you need one type of block for example your floor and you need 100000 blocks of a type and it very hard to get (Basalt then I think it would be okay to use PE) But if you use PE to grind your self up to nukes and other stuff to get an advantage over other players then no.

PE is good if its stable, And not unstable (Abused) What we could do is to change

    difficulty {
    # Adjusting this ratio changes how much EMC is received when burning a item. For example setting this to 0.5 will return half of the EMC cost.
    # Min: 0.1
    # Max: 1.0

    # The Tome of Knowledge can be crafted.

    # Amount of damage Katar 'C' key deals
    # Min: 0.0
    # Max: 2.147483647E9

    # Set to false to disable Gem Armor offensive abilities (helmet zap and chestplate explosion)

So change the config down so for example set D:covalenceLoss=1.0 down to for example D:covalenceLoss=0.3 or 0.5

Then it would be harder and you would need to allot more EMC to produce stuff. ^

I GUESS we can have a vote on that