Modpack update Operation Hercules V2

We have decided to remove the Universal Ammo System mod. This mod was added to the previous deployment. And back then it did work and fixed the problems it was supposed to fix. But atm it doesn’t fix the problems we need it to fix. Therefore we have decided to remove the mod.

But there are multiple reasons why we have decided to remove this mod.
First of it doesn’t fix it so we don’t need to shoot enemies 20 times before they die.
But the mod itself also makes a lot of lag and it makes the loading time into the server much longer.
And by removing the mod it will now also be much faster to open zeus. From 10 minutes to cache the Zeus to now go 3 seconds to cache the Zeus this is a big improvement.

We have also added 4 new mods to the modpack
RHS AFRF Armor Nerf
RHS USAF Armor Nerf
RHS GREF Armor Nerf

The 3 new Armor Nerf mods should fix the problem that we did try to fix by using the Universal Ammo System. The Armor Nerf mods should make it so we don’t need to shoot the enemy 30 times before they die/ragdoll/get knocked out.

Before mod is loaded

After mod is loaded

And we added
Enhanced Movement Rework

Enhanced Movement Rework is a ground-up rework of BadBenson’s “Enhanced Movement.” This strictly uses animations with new lightweight scripts.
The goal of the mod is to simplify the functions, expand functionality, and get rid of any issues EM had.

Check the addon options for detailed customization.
Default action key is ‘Shift+V’ (configurable via CBA keybinding)

  • Climbing will occur automatically when looking at a valid obstacle.
  • Dropping will occur when looking down from a tall edge.
  • Jumping will occur if other action conditions aren’t met.

Download the modpack here
Arma 3 Preset Operation Hercules V2.html (26.3 KB)